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Driving Test

During this 38-40 minute test, conducted by an approved DSA Examiner, you are allowed to make up to 15 driving errors as long as they are not potentially or actually dangerous/serious.

You will fail your driving test if:

  • You fail the eyesight test
  • You commit one or more serious/dangerous driving errors during the test
  • You commit 16 or more driving errors

At the start of your driving test the examiner will check your photo ID driving licence (if you hold an old paper licence, then you must also bring a valid passport), give you an eyesight test, then will ask you a tell me question whilst in the car, and a show me question during the drive. Aspire2Drive can provide you with the knowledge to pass this part of the test.

On the day of your practical test, the Examiner will make an assessment of your driving skills, getting you to complete various manoeuvres i.e. bay parking, parallel parking, pulling up on the right hand side of the road, emergency stop or driving forward into a parking space in a public place. Also as part of the test the examiner will carry out a 20 minute independent driving section where the candidate has to follow either a sat nav route or road signs.

Theory Test

After applying for and receiving your Provisional Driving Licence, the theory test is the next step to obtaining your Full Driving Licence. The test itself comprises of 2 parts:

  • The theory test includes a series of multiple choice questions, testing your knowledge of the Highway Code, basic car maintenance, and so on. You must correctly answer at least 43 out of a possible 50 questions to pass this test.
  • The hazard perception test is a series of short video clips of normal motoring situations, testing your awareness and planning skills. You must get at least 44 marks out of a possible 75 marks to pass this test.

If either part of the test is failed, you must retake both parts again, as the theory and hazard perception test must be passed on a single occasion before a practical test may be booked.

Free hazard perception training is available if required on a one to one basis.

Test Fees & More Information

  • DSA practical test fee: weekdays £62
  • To book your practical test, change, amend details: www.gov.uk
  • DSA Theory test fee: £23
  • The theory test may be booked online at www.gov.uk
  • Driving licence enquires: www.gov.uk
  • Practical theory test questions: www.2pass.co.uk
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